Down payments are $50 and non-refundable. (Goes toward your payment for the repair)
Band and Orchestra repairs deposit are between $50-$100. If your decided not to fix instrument the instrument
the bench fee is 50.00

Band repair (flute, clarinet, trumpet, etc.) estimates: $100 to $200
Saxophone repair estimates: $150 to $300
Violin/viola repair estimates: $40 for basic repairs to $60+ for body repairs
Cello repair estimates:  $75 for basic repairs to $150+ for body work.
Notification is guaranteed unless repair estimate is over $150.
Repairs will take at least 10 days. During band season and Christmas (August through December) repairs may take up to one month to complete.
Guitar Repairs
Guitar Setups
Including all guitar repair (neck, fret, etc.)

30 Day Warranty

Gibson Les Paul Custom
Refinished by Sacchetti Music Repair Tech
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Sacchetti Music
3 Oxford Way
Huntingtown, MD 20639
(Near Chancellor's Park Community)

(410) 257-7620

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