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Back To School 2021 Band Rental

Rent To Own Instruments / Student Model Only New Like New
Flute Clarinet Trumpet Trombone Acoustic Guitar Viola Violin Bell Kit Snare $33.92 $26.50

Alto Saxophone, Student Oboe, F Attachment Trombone

$53.00 $43.40

Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Cello, Single French Horn, Baritone Horn

$64.66 $55.12

Double French Horn, 3/4 Tuba, 

Baritone sax                           $195.04
* Rent to own
* Free loaner if needed
* Return and exchange
* No obligation to buy
* Band books & accessories
* Vandoren reeds

ONE Month FREE With Coupon (while offer lasts)

Prices include M&R (Maintenance & Replacement)


Upgraded Instruments Cost More

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Top Brands / $19 per month

Selmer, Bach, King, Conn, Arley,

Armstrong, Emerson, Gemeinhardt


Already Renting?

Upgrade Your Rental

Starting at $35

Per Month, plus M&R, and Tax


Start Up/ Rental $21.00 on most/not all

Band & Orchestra Instruments by Veritas


Base pay is $21.00 per month. You rent to own


We Rent Brass, Woodwinds, Strings, Percussion Kits

Prices subject to change
Rock Band Rental Program/ WHEN AVAILABLE
5 Piece Drum Set Complete $50 Day
5 Piece Drum Set Complete $190 Month
  $50 Day
Roland Keyboard 76 Keys $190 Month
Used Acoustic or Electric Guitars $100 Month
Used Bass Guitars $100 Month
Big Guitar Amps/see Ron Kent $100 Day
Small Guitar Amps $50 Month
Samson PA System $100 Day
Large PA System/ see Crystal $250 Day

Customer must pay in full up front.  We reimburse the difference after you return. Must be returned in same working condition.

Contact Info

Sacchetti Music
Huntingtown North
7 Oxford Way
Huntingtown, MD 20639
(Near Chancellor's Park Community)

(410) 257-7620

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