Summer concert series is happening!

 Sacchetti Music is now Be Natural Music

3 Oxford Way

Huntingtown, MD 20639

To Reach Us:

Call the store @ 410-257-7620

Call Terri @ 518-420-9936  



Band & Orchestra Rental

In store or online 

Rent From Home Info:
Code: yb54e  

(410) 257-7620

Store Hours

Sunday - closed
 Monday - Closed
Tuesday 3 - 7
Wednesday 3 -7

Thursday 3 - 7
Friday 3 - 7
Saturday 11 - 3

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Customers selling items on consignment will receive 60% of the selling price (minus the cost of any repairs) in STORE CREDIT as the form of payment. Items on consignment have 1 year expiration date.

Consignment policy - any inquiries about payments or returns will only take place on Wednesday and Friday only not on weekends.

All gift certificates are valid up to 1 year after purchase.



Thank you very much for your cooperation!